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I do my very best to ensure that my jewelry is as durable as possible. Still, I use fragile materials in some of my pieces that need some consideration.

In my pieces with glass gems, care must be taken that the pieces are not dropped, crushed, or struck. The glass can crack.

If your glass gem breaks, I may be able to replace it. Please contact me if this should ever happen to you.

If your glass gem is ratting inside its prong setting, get it to me immediately so I can tighten the setting.

The dark finish on my silver pieces is natural oxidation. Thus, polishing, especially chemical dips, will remove this finish. Over time the brighter parts of your piece may darken naturally. If the patina on your piece changes in a way that you are no longer satisfied with, please send your piece to me to have the patina freshened.

In general, if you find that a piece needs repair, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will always do everything I can to make sure you are satisfied.

Please note that other jewelers may find it difficult to repair my pieces. While there are many talented jewelers in the world, most are not familiar with the types of materials and techniques that I use to make my pieces.

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